Editing 360: How to replace your tripod with a custom logo in Photoshop!

Editing 360: How to replace your tripod with a custom logo in Photoshop!
januari 13, 2017 Edo Koch

Editing 360 photography: How to replace your tripod with a custom logo in Photoshop!

Hi reader of my blog. Welcome to my second post.

I started of last year with 360 photography with my Ricoh Theta S. I know, it doesn’t deliver the best image quality out there, but it is still a great camera for a number of uses and to start 360 photography with.

One of the struggles I faced was the tripod on the bottom of my photo (the nadir). I wanted to use my own logo, for marketing purposes. Since the Ricoh Theta produces an equirectangular image it was not as easy as I thought it would be. I figured there had to be a way in Photoshop to do this. But after searching the internet, watching youtube tutorials and asking around on different forums, I still hadn’t found it. 

So, I starting experimenting with the info I did find and after some trial and error I found an easy and straightforward way to replace your tripod with a custom logo. Since I’m probably not the only one struggling with this I thought I’d share this with you.

(My Photoshop is in Dutch, but you’ll get it. Otherwise you can always contact me if you’ve got any questions)


  • Lets start by opening a 360 photo.


  • Create a new file with a square canvas. I always create a 1000 x 1000 px file, but the exact size is up to you depending on the size of your 360 photo.
  • I always use a white background, but it depends on the logo offcourse.
  • Place your custom logo in the center of your newly created canvas.
  • Your screen should look like this.

Rotate and Filter

  • Select the layer with your custom logo.
  • Choose Rotate Canvas Vertically

  • Next up is to distort the logo to fit in a 360 photo.
  • Choose ‘Filter’ > ‘Distort’ > ‘Polar Coordinates’

  • Choose ‘Polar to rectangular’

  • Your logo will look like this now. 

  • And the last step of editing your logo is to rotate the Canvas again vertically the same as you did a few steps back, making the finished result look like this.

Duplicate Layer

  • To get the logo onto my 360 (ecquirectangular image) is use the ‘duplicate layer’ command in the ‘Layer’ menu or in the right click menu.
  • Duplicate the layer to your 360 image which you opened in the first step.
  • This is what the result should be.


  • The only thing to do left is to resize your logo to cover up your tripod. Don’t worry about resizing and altering dimensions. It will al work out fine in a 360 viewer.
  • There we go, a covered up tripod.

Final Result

  • Don’t forget to save your file as a jpeg to use it in 360 viewers or for example Facebook.
  • I use the Ricoh Theta viewer and the final result looks like this.

And offcourse the final result in 360.

Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpfull for all of you. Please leave your comments and don’t forget to like and share. If you’ve got any questions left, please leave a comment and I will be happy to assist.

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  1. Michel Thomas 5 jaar geleden

    Really nice tutorial, thanks for sharing , much appreciated this effort, Loved it

    • Auteur
      Edo Koch 5 jaar geleden

      Thanks Michel. Was difficult to find when I needed it, so I wrote it myself 😉

  2. Sebástian Rodríguez 5 jaar geleden

    a simple, direct, practical tutorial. A total success the final result after following your instructions. I am very grateful. So much that if you, want I can help you translate it into Spanish (Latin American) because the Google translator is really bad hahaha
    any how, thank you again. rich blessings

    • Auteur
      Edo Koch 5 jaar geleden

      Thanks Sebastian. Great to hear it is helpful. Feel free to translate. I can add the Spanish version to my website.

  3. Craig Van Rensburg 5 jaar geleden

    Hi Edo! Thank you for this great tutorial. Instructions were easy (even though I have english Photoshop) and the solution is quick. I have literally hundreds of 360’s to add my logo to, I will attempt to do a ‘Batch Run’ in Photoshop.

    I have recently started with 360 photography and its really fun. My first camera was and LG360 and it is ‘ok’ but the quality lacks. I recently got a GoPro Fusion and wow – what a toy!. You can see my portfolio if you go to 24pillows.co.za – all 360’s on here were taken with LG360. I have not published any GoPro fusion 360’s, yet.

    Take Care and thanks again

    • Auteur
      Edo Koch 5 jaar geleden

      Hi Craig. Thanks for your reply and great to hear it helped you out. For batch processing I use a PS plugin/script called ‘Duplicate to All’. That way I can easily copy the 360 nadir layer to all open files in Photoshop. You can find it at https://github.com/cameronmcefee/Duplicate-to-All.

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